Biography   SUDESHNA  PAUL



Child   Born on 25th January 1963 in Kolkata. Lost her mother  in her early childhood 


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  School Time



She was very  good student at school.  Calm, quite and obedient to all. 

Her school performance had  always been above excellence


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Marriage Time



                         Her keen interest in  Science and Maths, since childhood

                   Educated her in Physics at graduate and post graduate levels.












        Her love for children and  eagerness for teaching 

           made her an ideal school teacher







   She had melodious voice 

and  learned  Rabindra sangeet and classical music with recognition from many institutions.







She had a motherly attitude  for

      She used to love every class of society & was loved by all .                                             

























B. Sc. Hons,  (Physics)

M. Sc. Physics   ( Material  Science )

Secondary School Teacher  in

St. Anthony's  School

Loreto Convent  School

The Future Foundation  School













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  She left the materialistic world   on 11th June 2005  & left back her unfinished worK for us.

 Her principles were sincerity, hard working & appetite for learning.