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Run Express Trains at your will at different speeds


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 Lung of snake

Do U Know Non poisonous snake has 2 lungs but poisonous snake only one lung


Heart beat of whale

 Heat beats of a sparrow is 900/min & that of a whale  15/min


Oldest Dog

The world's oldest dog was an Australian cattle-dog named Bluey. He died at the age of 29 years  and 5 months in 1939

Oldest cat 

The world's oldest  CAT died in 1998 at the age of 34 years, 2 months

Mosquito's teeth 

A mosquito can have 32 teeth

White Shark Great White Shark is considered the most dangerous of the sharks. It is 5.34 m (17y ft) long and weighed an estimated 2,043 kg . White sharks swallow unchewed creatures and objects half their size, especially seals, dolphins, turtles, other sharks, chunks of whale, fish, and ships' refuse. They attack on swimmers, resulting in 13 deaths.





Spider's life

 Spider can live for 20 years

Black widow spider 

It is deadly  poisonous spider and its bite can produce pain, sickness, breathing problems and sometimes even fatal. It is about 10-15mm in size and lives in low plants, stone or walls.


  Vampire Bat   They feed only on blood , sucking of animals, birds and mammals. They pass the day hidden in the holes of trees or in caves and go search of their victims when night falls. To find prey they fly 1-3 m above ground and jumps on the prey and bite on the neck or shoulder. The saliva of vampire bat contains anti-clotting substance and so animal bleeds to death ,even after bat has gone.


Fastest Train

    TGV is the fastest train . It can achieve a speed of over 500km/hr. It runs on magnetic lines in France from Paris south to Lyons


Did You Know




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